sabato 11 aprile 2009

Interview to Claudia Leporatti, Italian in Budapest

Expat Interview
(Intervista di Joanna Singleton per Budapest Funzine)

Name: Claudia Leporatti

From: Florence, Italy

Time in Hungary: Six months

Other countries lived in: in London for a month

Job: Student and manager of

Why did you come to Hungary?

I was studying journalism in Florence and my university is partnered with one in Budapest. I was offered the opportunity to do an ERASMUS year here and thought, why not…wow! The city is much better than I expected; I didn’t think it would be so modern or that the people would be this friendly.

What are your favorite things about Budapest?

I really like running on Margaret Island… I feel like I’m in my own little world, away from the city. And I like the size of the city too, the fact that you can see so many sights from one spot. It’s amazing.

And the worst?

In the Metró, I don’t like it when people stand on both sides of the escalator! Also I think there are some very strange food combinations: spaghetti with sugar is something which springs to mind.

What do you miss from home?

Obviously I miss my friends and family but they will visit soon. Other than that, I miss some types of food, like Greek yogurt and Italian pizza which I cannot find here!

Tell us a bit about

I manage this website which contains content comparing the Italian and Hungarian economies. The articles are all in Italian and are aimed at Italians living in Hungary. After graduating I hope to become a journalist….and to write a book someday too!

Anything funny ever happened to you in Hungary?

Yes! In a supermarket, I was looking for some plain biscuits. I found a shop assistant who said that she spoke English and asked her where the biscuits were. She looked puzzled so I said ‘cookies’ instead as I thought this was more of an international word. But when I said that word, she walked away and never came back. I later found out what ‘cookie’ meant…

What do you think about the Hungarian food?

I like gulyás and palacsinta. There are too many sausages though and I don’t like sausages. And I don’t like cheese, in fact the first thing I learned to say in Hungarian was “without cheese”! And there is cinnamon everywhere. Sorry, I just don’t want cinnamon in my coffee! Although, in general, I do actually like the coffee here. Hungarians are very creative with their coffee and there are lots of places around town to enjoy it.


Buda or Pest? Pest

Favorite word? Kicsi (piccolo/a)

Unicum or pálinka? Unicum.

Favorite districts? 7th and 8th

Speak Hungarian? I can say “Happy Christmas” but what use is that now?

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